The Ultimate Spying Tracking Programs for Smartphones

Spy on your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband or kids with some of these ultimate smartphone tools and tricks. You’ll be able to read text messages, monitor calls, emails, read instant message from apps like Facebook. You can even use someone’s phone as a listening device.

Plus if you need help using the service our team provides the best customer service. That is why we are one of the most popular smartphone tracking and spyware programs out there.

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Steps to start tracking a smarphone now.

You can purchase the tracking or spy service directly from this website. Then choose your edition and complete the order form. Make sure you provide a valid email address in the form to be able to receive installation instructions. Your personal information will not appear anywhere on the target device. THEY WILL NEVER KNOW YOU ARE TRACKING THEM. Once your payment has been confirmed, check your email to install and set up the smartphone.
Install and Set Up.  The easy Set Up Wizard that will guide you through the whole installation process. The entire service operates in a 100% invisible mode and cannot be detected by your target such as your wife, spouse, gf, bf, or child.



Our mission is to be a Forward-thinking and provide customers with products and service (home & small business video surveillance systems, computer surveillance and spy equipment) and anticipate the ever changing technical environment. Continually provide cutting edge products and technological assistance.

Our flagship product is the caller ID spoofing service which allows users to call any number and have any 10 digit telephone number show up in the caller ID. It also includes features like voice disguising, call recording, and text messaging from a different number. Since 2011, over 2 million calls have been made using our service. Although it’s most frequently used for caller ID spoofing, FBI and law enforcement officials across the nation utilize these fake caller id  services to aid in the search for fugitives and criminals


Fake Your Caller IDs – It’s Called Spoofing. Try it!

If you have ever wanted to disguise your real phone number Caller ID spoofing masks your real number when you are placing a phone call. So when you are calling someone from your real phone number, you can make any number you want show up on the person’s phone. There are tons of websites out there that offer this service but there is only one that I know of that is very reputable. CHECK IT OUT!

Not only can you spoof call someone, but the service allows you to try it for free.  If you decide to purchase a few minutes, you can also record the calls, log the calls, change your voice and even add background noise to sound even more realistic.


Try spoofing caller IDs for free, and change your voice with a free caller ID spoofing trial.


Spoofing Caller ID – Can You Do It For Free?

When a caller id is spoofed, it means that there is another number showing up on a caller id other than the callers real number.

Do you want to try caller id spoofing for free?? CHECK IT OUT!

For a quick example, I had a friend of mine who did this to find out if his girlfriend was cheating on him. He got suspicious of this

number that kept showing up on his girl’s caller id. So he called the phone number while making his girlfriend phone show up on the dudes caller id. He answered the phone “Hi baby. I miss your booty.” Sad to say that he caught her red handed. Also he used caller id spoofing to call the guy with is own phone number. It activated his voice mail. Knowing that most people don’t set up a pin number, he pressed 0000 and heard all the voice messages his girlfriend left for this guy. BUSTED. They’ll never know it was you! Pick a new fake number before you call. They’ll see the new number instead of yours. They’ll pick up thinking you’re someone else!

While spoofing a caller id or changing your number to make it look like another number,  you’ll trick l your friends and family into thinking you’re another person!

Check out the background sound effects as you can make your call  sound like it’s coming from a club, or in traffic?

Get the proof you need! Need to catch a friend admitting they owe you money? Catch a cheating spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend red-handed. Like we told you earlier, you can even hack into someone’s voicemail and Record your calls to keep backups of all your conversations!




** If you are not sure about caller id spoofing laws you can check this out too.

Disguise or Change Your Caller ID When Making A Phone Call

Are there times when you just want to make a phone call and make your number show up as something else?  I’m sure you have heard of spoofing technology by now.  Most people use it for pranks and business.

How does changing your phone number work?

Check out the free demo or actually purchase credits to activate all the extra features, like call recording, voice changing and even background noise.  You then enter your phone number, the number you want to show up on caller id and then enter the person’s number you wish to call.

So if your number is 555-0000 you can make it look like 222-2222 if you want.  This is the way to make any number you want show up on caller id.


Caller ID Changer Demo

Caller ID spoofing protects your real identity and allows you to change your caller id so another number.  You can try caller ID spoofing for free, and change your voice with the caller ID spoofing trial.  You are limited to 30 second calls.  If you like the service which is extremely inexpensive, you can get more features.

Free Fake phone number!

Make a call to  anywhere in the US and even other countries and change your caller ID for free. To start,  enter your number, then enter the phone  number of a friend you wish to call.  Then enter the number you wish to display on their caller id.

Once you are ready to place your call,  select a male or female voice. Then hit “Place Your Call.” In a few seconds your phone will  ring. Answer it and it will connect you to your friend’s phone displaying the the Spoofed Caller ID.

Along with Caller ID Spoofing you can change your voice and record all the phone calls you make. Using a Fake Phone Number has never been easier, Change your Caller ID now!




demo spoofing

How To Make It Look Like You Are Calling From Another Number

caller id spoofing

From prank calls, to bill collection the ability to make any number show up on a caller id is out there.  Is it legal?  Yes and not. The technology is called caller id spoofing and it’s legal as long as you don’t use it to defraud anyone in the process.  Harmless jokes are the main reason people make it look like they are calling from a different caller id.  Other uses can include government uses, bail bonds, and even professional uses especially when you don’t want to give your real number to the caller.

So how do you make it look like your caller id is something else?

You can use this free demo of caller id spoofing but you won’t get all the bells and whistles in the demo like background noise or call recording. .  There are a number of caller id spoofing services out there that may charge a fortune or do not work.   If you do your research here, you will find some of the most reliable caller id spoofing sites around.


Changing Your Caller ID To Another Number

Masking your caller id to make it look like another number is calling is easier than ever.  This is called caller id spoofing. It can be done for free as a demo.

The technical term is called caller id spoofing.   You can check out a free demonstration here.


Here are some features

Disguise Your Number (Make any number show up)

Enter any number that you want to show up on your callers’ caller id display. The person you’re calling sees only that number that you are making show up, instead of your real number. They will take the call thinking it is someone else. This is great for catching cheaters.

Change Your Voice

Make yourself sound like a male or female.  Need a deeper voice to make an anonymous call?

Background Noises

Do you want to make it sound like you  in a club, or in the middle of a traffic jam – CHECK IT OUT!!!

Works on any Phone

Phone, Blackberry, Palm, Android or Windows Phone you can start spoofing right away!



Caller ID Spoofing Apps

Caller ID Spoofing Apps

Spoofcard has announced that there are three caller id spoofing apps. These include apps for the Blackberry, Android and Iphone.

With Caller Id Spoofing you can disguises you caller id and make any number you want appear on a caller id. It’s perfect caller id changing technology. With Spoofcard’s caller id spoofing you can change your voice to sound like a woman or man plus you can record the phone conversations.

Caller id spoofing can be tried for free for five minutes just by clicking this link and then scrolling to the bottom of the page.

Finally there are caller id spoofing apps ready for your mobile phone. Have fun.

Free SpoofCall

Free SpoofCall

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Change Caller Id – Call from Another Number

The caller ID information is masked when a Sky...
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You have always wanted to know how to change your caller id to another number. Now it’s here. You can learn how to change caller id and make any number you want appear on a caller id.

Is changing a caller id legal?

Right now it’s legal in all 50 states.

Can you spoof a caller id from outside the United States.

You sure can disguise you caller id almost anywhere you want.

The are multiple ways to fake your caller id. We’ll show you how to do it for cheap or even for free.

Here’s a site where you can get a free SpoofCard pin number just for using Twitter. Try it out, see if you like it and then make the call from another number.


SpoofCard is completely legal. (As long as you don’t use  it to pretend that you are law enforcement. You can buy cards in different denominations that way you can have as much time as you want to change your caller id to another number. It’s the perfect gift. Call another number using someone else phone number. Disguise your caller id and make their caller id show another number. You’ll have plenty of fun using this caller id changing technology.

If you purchase a SpoofCard, you’ll get to use the free voice changer and free call recording software.

The best way to change your caller id, SpoofCard will not only hide your caller id but it will make your phone number look like another number. Or better yet, you can try it for free right here.

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