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Call One Number and have another number show up on caller id

Call One Number and have another number show up on caller id

According to the website Free Caller Id Spoofing, here are some reasons why you would want to make another number show up on a callers caller id. These are some of the best reasons for disguising your real number

Reasons for Spoofing Caller ID – Why would anyone want to spoof a caller id

  • #10: Change the name that shows up on home  display. The phone company has first and last names, as well as company names, in their Caller ID name database? When you call  landlines with a spoofed number, the Caller ID name is displayed – even on unlisted numbers.
  • #9: Call someone from a number that you want them to call back. Confuse the heck out of the person who gets called back.
  • #8: Call off sick from work using the hospitals phone number. Your boss will think you are really sick.
  • #7: Free call recording software. Download your calls from the website or play them back over the phone. Instant records of all your calls.
  • #6: Impress your friends by calling from unique numbers like 666-666-6666, 000-000-0000 or 123-456-7890. It makes answering the phone fun again.
  • #5: Change your voice. Sound like a man or a woman with SpoofCard’s free voice changer option. It’s amazing.
  • #4: Show your work number when calling from your cell. Stop giving out your cell number to people or using *67 to block your number.
  • #3: Prank calls. Use a soundboard to make prank calls without getting caught.
  • #2: How to get your lover to pick up your calls. Don’t you hate it when people see your number and ignore your calls? Use a more “appealing” number to them and they’ll be sure to answer.
  • #1: Hide your real phone number! By spoofing Caller ID your making an anonymous phone call. Your number doesn’t show up on the persons phone bill either – the number you spoof shows up!
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