Ali Wise SpoofCard Voice Mail Hack

Spoof Card is in the news. Is it for a good cause? No Is it for a fun cause? No

It’s more negative press for spoofcard. I remember when Myspace started. It was a new concept and media was talking about it so negatively. Now with the social media revolution, the media has shut up about social media and now they are moving on to technology that changes your caller id to any number you want.

For years, you have been able to make any number you want show up on a caller id. Now it’s getting press. But, bad press is also good press.

Ali Wise was busted when she hacked into the voicemail of a former lover.

The news even made the Discovery Channel’s blog.

According to the blog,

In last few days, Ali Wise, publicity director for Dolce and Gabbana, has gotten into a bunch of trouble (and has gotten fired) for using SpoofCard to access the voice-mail accounts of girlfriends/finaces of ex-lovers. It was easy enough to do. She changed her own number to match the number she was calling. Not realizing the call was an imposter, the voice-mail service automatically granted access to the voice-mail accounts.

That, my friend, is a no-no. Especially if you do it 700 times and delete voice-mail messages.

“If she’s trying to appear as if she’s someone else, this could be evidence of fraud,” said professor Tracy Mitrano, director of IT policy at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY.

Spoof Card

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